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Saoviet Accounting
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Company introduction

Saovietdico is establish by group informatics software engineers for accounting, financial manageable in the enterprise. We have many skills because we have many years work in this area. The first is idea make perfect product and easy using for small and middle enterprise, ERP product for large enterprise and always trying exert all one’s strength for successfull use going to effect in every customers.

Company Vietnamese name

Cong ty co phan phat trien phan mem Sao Viet

Company English name

Saoviet Software Development joint-stock Company

Trade name


Type own

Joint stock

Date start

Second August 2004

Register number



Saoviet Accounting Clever
Saoviet Corporate Reporter
Saoviet Human


Advisory and building information accounting, financial and business system for enterprises


Become topline company in Viet Nam market in career  supply accounting financial and business software solution.


High quality, agreeable price


Effect of customer is our responsibility! (Work together with customers to sucessfull)


Address: Room 205, House 6, Gate 469, Minh Khai street, Ha Noi city

Branch: No 512, Lang road, Dong Da district, Ha Noi city

Tel: 04.66740.758, 090.324.8181
Fax: 04.562.4230

Should know before software buy

Compare effect before and after using software

On the whole with economic developing speed and software price going to cheaper: Some hundred US dollars only is can buy one software, because enterprise should buy software for manageable works yourshell and the first is accounting software. 
Argument of above judge is accounting financial manage very importance and one service direct for procduction and trade of enterprise. If enterprise have the software then they can decrease time, work hard, staff quantity and better use staff for anothers works.
Toward enterprise have more than one accountant, if have software then  increase clear effect. Toward enterprise need fast information about: Woods and materials in stock, payable, receiptable and others financial, sale stuations then should buy software early. If you don’t buy them, your competitor buy then you become unfavourable in the market.
Have a argument important is every good staff want to use software, because they know that use software is effect for their work.
If enterprise needn’t fast information and have one accountant only and accountant don’t work hard  then shouldn’t buy accounting software.

When should software buy?

When should software buy? Mister Bill Gate was said: The software can increase profit but it can’t solve problem loss. If enterprise in situation loss then should solve other vital problems  and shouldn’t buy software.
When enterprise have investment money you should choose sensible time to buy software. That is product trade processing become fixative, professional skill have  methodical system. Like that using software have hight stability, requirement to get exactly and using software become maximum effect.

Steps in process when software buy

Under competitive pressure, quantity and rate of progress of works etc... You want to buy software but don’t know what do start?  If you hastily to buy software your enterprise can sustain injury: loose time, effect work and make trouble for your customers, that is very dangerous. So must to equip the process buy and using the software, that process will limit unfortunate and opening to success.

The process buy and using the software



Company appoint one or team undertake to buy and using the software

It depends enterprise’s size can use one person or one team undertake to buy and using the software. They should have knowledge about professional skill and informatics, their mission are build detail target, planning and control process execute project

Build purpose and requirement details

Before decide choice software supplier should specify detail requires, specify main require. Want to economize time contract with supplier, you must group up information relative with work process, vouchers, reports model, formulas, relations, import export data between departments. Professional skill and informatics knowledge of users, foundation hardware, functions of now software etc...Beyond you should make require for future.

Looking for and choose supplier

The supplier is important for project’s success. You can invite many supplies come to your enterprise and propose them investigate your work process. Check supplier’s experience: contract with supplier’s other customers, their have work process the same you and they have use successful software from that supplier. About professional of supplier you can check: Product introduction document, user guider, presentation person; head office, branch etc...

Detail design interfaces, inputs, outputs, functions, reports

With big problems, difficult requires must investigate and analyse detail problem from supplier. After know that what are available in the standard software, How part must customize. In the some special can change work process if change give to effect. Note: If too much customize then software often have many mistakes and difficult for development after that.


Should training follow data model. This data model help user fast studying, It include complate modulls of software. If training follow data real often long time to going to reports.

System setup

Build first information in software is important, because it is influence all time use software. These are include build list of accounts, customers, parameters, defines about input data and dispose data, vouchers etc...

Advanced and development

With developments and changes of will customize and development using software. Should choice time for customize or development software.

Methods choose software supplier

Using software to lay attention to quantity utilities don’t important, then quality utilities are important –unshaken easy of software. So when choose software supplier must check quality software and service of supplier. Usually method is going to meet and ask old customers of supplier.
Compare between quantity and quality software with price and requirement of processing trade and product of enterprise. Best software can’t give higest effect, if you have best software and most expensive and effect less price then investment is squander one’s money.
When debate going to sign contract should to harmonize between interest of enterprise and supplier. If you to attach special importance into price and require your only and supplier always agree then this isn’t good supplier, can they don’t become fond of your enterprise.
When choose supplier have detail importance, one’s the place your enterprise in supplier’s file. If you choose good software, famous supplier, but your enterprise is small enterprise then reliably that persons serve for your enterprise aren’t higher in their supplier.

Saoviet Accouting
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